The Brave On Conference is hosted by the women of Red Tent Living Magazine. We've worked together so each conference detail, from the mugs of coffee to the story prompts shared over dinner leave you feeling welcomed, safe, and inspired. If you read Red Tent Living, you will have the chance to meet and converse with the Red Tent writers throughout the conference and also meet some fellow magazine readers and guest contributors from across the country. If you are not a reader or a writer of Red Tent Living, we are excited to meet you and believe this day will hold something special for you as well. The Brave On Conference was birthed out of the dreams of a few women to create a space of authenticity and courage. We have designed this space to water your soul, to affirm your worth, and to give you practical tools to engage your life with kindness and purpose, day in and day out. We invite you to come with your messy, come with your real, come together and brave on.

Brave On Lead Team


Tracy Johnson


Tracy Hanson


Lyndsey Ribble


Jennifer Elmore


Katy Johnson


Ellen Oelsen


Bethany Cabell

Alison Shields

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